Welcome to Skelly Cove!

Skelly Cove launched on May 20th 2023 in preparations for the 1.20 Minecraft update release. 
Twist3d had a vision to make a server unlike the rest. Frustrated with limitations and barriers placed by other server hosts, he wanted to create a place with less restrictions. With the help of many collaborators and countless hours of programming, we are proud to present you Skelly Cove!

Here you’ll enjoy a semi-vanilla experience with grief protections, land claims, voting perks, crate loots and much more! Our world has a +/-10k border and the latest Minecraft updated biomes, which allows all players plenty of new uncharted land to explore. We also have plugins like QuickShop, SetHome and Vault, so that means our economy is a money based game feature which allows players to build and set their own shops and warp locations. There will be no lonely days once people start shopping at your shops!

Our staff is friendly, courteous and always ready to help with any situation that comes up. We encourage all players to join our Discord group in order to better communicate our efforts and help with your concerns.

Hope to see you at Skelly Cove soon!